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13th October: Erasmus-Day

On the Erasmus day our class discussed about having tablets in school. We got support from a girl, Melisande, and a boy, Moritz, from the KS2. The class got split into two groups, one that discussed in English - this group was lead by Moritz- and one that discussed in German, they were lead by Melisande. Then we got split in a pro and a contra group, we couldn‘t decide on our own on which side we wanted to be, what made it even more exciting. Since Moritz lead the English group, he helped us a lot by translating our vocabularies and they both also told us the order of how to discuss:
- Beginning statement
- Three arguments
- Questions
- Ending statement

In our group we had to decide on our own on the devision of the parts. After this was done, we presented everything. The pro side relied on arguments such as: ,,Your bag won‘t be as heavy anymore‘‘ and ,,It‘s better for the enviroment, because we wouldn‘t have to use as much paper‘‘, while the contra side reasoned with arguments such as: ,,Our school can’t afford it‘‘ and ,,It wouldn‘t even be that much better for the enviroment, because of the production of the tablets‘‘.

We all had a lot of fun and it was cool to test out how to discuss.
Everyone learned a lot and it was a great experience.

Lilly and Teresa, 7b


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